Adobe’s New Photoshop Fix App

A few months ago, you may have heard of a mysterious new app coming from Adobe that was temporarily called “Project Rigel.” At the recent Apple even that took place, Adobe unveiled its newest app, which is now called “Photoshop Fix.” The new app allows you to retouch photos, even after they have gone through Photoshop. It is simultaneously releasing two other apps, “Photoshop Sketch” and “Photoshop Comp CC.” Designed especially for the new iPad Pro, “Photoshop Fix” will allow you to edit even incredibly large images, up to 50 megabytes. Among its many capabilities, you will be able to not only generally edit pictures, but you will also be able to focus in on a person’s face to change minute details, such as their facial expression. This new free app will be linked to the other Photoshop apps from Adobe, so that pictures can be sent wirelessly between the three and you can continue work on your pictures, no matter what app you are (41)

While demonstrating the new app’s capabilities, the head software designer for the major technology company accidentally made several people upset. For his demo, he decided to use the app’s capabilities to turn a model’s solemn look into a smile. This was interpreted by many people as a prejudice, since women are often told by men to smile or to lighten up. The company has reassured its customers that it meant no offense, but some remain unconvinced.

Adobe Flash is dead

The news that many computer users have been waiting many years to hear is almost upon us. That most detested of software packages, adobe flash player could finally be in its death throes, and it about time too. We can thank Google for that as it no longer automatically plays any videos that use Adobe (13)

If you have ever had to wait far too long for a video clip to play on any website you have visited chances are that flash was to blame. When things buffer then 99 times out of 100 flash is probably to blame. Adobe flash is cumbersome, slow, wastes energy from the battery of whatever you are using to surf the web, and it is very insecure. Most servers and internet service providers have stopped using it. The minority that still use have mainly panned to stop using it soon. When It is finally dead and buried nobody will mourn its passing although some will celebrate its demise happily enough.

If you are a business, then we suggest that you celebrate the end of adobe flash by getting an led sign fromĀ

Software developers make pictures perfect

Adobe researchers and Princeton University have joined forces and invented an advanced photography editing system that will be able to instantly remove distracting elements (such as garbage in the background and passing cars) from photographs without going through the tedious task of photo shopping an
It has happened to all of us, when you have a great shot lined up and you are unable to avoid getting some type of distracting junk in the photo. Besides the person walking in the background, or some unwanted trash on the ground, the shot was perfect. Adobe Photoshop is something that has been used in the past to remove such distractions, but this process is complex and time consuming.
Adobe created, FIXEL, which is an APP that is still in the experimental stages and has been offered free to user to select and remove distracting items in the photo. By agreeing to use this application for free, users agreed to forfeit their retouched photos in the name of science. Over 5,000 photos were collected and analyzed.
With this new information, researchers began to